Who We Are…

As the owner of Carolina Pools and Patio, I would like you to know both the How? and the Why? we do things the way we do. It all started when I was 17. The only way I knew how to make a buck was by going out and working for it, phone photos 005 During the summer months when school was out I  got a job working for an Italian mason in Brooklyn New York, He taught me the tricks of the trade and how to do masonry the old school way! it was there that I learned how to form and pour concrete foundation walls, of course they where all straight walls no curves, but the concept was the same for a pool wall foundation of rectangular pools. I decided to work for myself closer to home in Long Island. I started working for several pool builders, installing pool patios around some really amazing backyards. This is also when I started to do a lot of patio repairs around pools, they where either settling or moving away from the actual pool, because they where panel pools made of flimsy tin or polymer pool panels. This is when I had the idea to make a pool wall out of concrete, Its never going to move, rot, corrode or shift, and whats best you can work right around the pool the minute the forms are pulled. this means no more finishing pool first then waiting six weeks for the ground to settle before doing the patio surround, plus whats best is that you have a pool wall that will last a hundred years. plus with our concrete form process we can make any shape or size pool we choose its a perfect combination and the best pool wall available anywhere .
So after several more years of designing and installing patios, it only made perfect sense to do the whole job including the inground swimming pool.Suddenly I was starting to design and install the most creative inground swimming pools and patios, and truly having a passion for every detail of the finished job.
And with our revolutionary concrete walls process This now gives you the best available option for your new inground swimming pool and patio .So now you know the Why? and the HOW we do things “THE RIGHT WAY” IT’S ALL WE KNOW!!!!

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in all we do!  Our creativity and desire for perfection are second to none!

Our Services

  • Pools (Gunite, Concrete, & Vinyl)

  • Pool Patios

  • Waterfalls and Ponds

  • Hot Tubs and Enclosures