About Our Pools…

To design a pool takes much creativity, To build a pool takes many years of experience!

At Carolina Pools and Patio, we have both!  From free form to standard pools, we can create the perfect look for you, sure to fit your style. Whether you want a gunite pool or one made of poured concrete with vinyl liner, we will design it to coordinate your pool with your garden layout and paving stones to make your outdoor space just what you are looking for to entertain your family and friends.
We install our pools with a new and revolutionary method, Rather than buying prefab steel or plastic pool sections from supplier. We custom form your pool to any shape or size using our unique concrete form method. This gives you the strongest permanent wall available, there’s no need to worry about settling, shifting or sagging walls, plus with our method your pool patio sits attached to concrete wall of pool for a permanent water tight pool surround. never have to worry about leaky pipes from settling, or patios that settle around pool leaving a dangerous and unsightly tripping hazard. also no need to worry about replacing steel panels after 20 years, our pools last a lifetime..We can custom shape any size or shape of pool, and the best part is the cost is exactly the same.
To us, a pool is more than something to enjoy on a hot summer day.  It is part of your outdoor living space and something that can create a peaceful feel to your backyard.

index01None of the pools we have built look exactly alike, because everything we do is custom. We have built lake pools, ocean pools, and residential home pools; and they are all beautiful.

Don’t let this happen…

All the other competition use a basic prefab pool panel kit straight out of the box. Not only do you have to wait for the ground to settle before finishing patio, after time the walls begin to shift and settle, creating appearance and structural issues that only get worse over time causing you thousands of dollars in repairs down the road. with our unique concrete wall process this will never happen for the life of the pool, and best of all we can custom create any shape or size imaginable, we can also create benches and custom bottom shapes. Best of all, as you can see you will never have to worry about moving or shifting walls that create all kinds of nightmares for not only the pool but the surrounding patio and yard
Collapsed prefab pool panels

Our Services and Pool Types

  • Gunite Pools

  • Concrete Pools

  • Vinyl Pools

  • Custom Designs

  • Heated Pools

  • Swimming Pool Waterfall Features

  • Luxury Pools

  • Hot Tubs