Complete salt water inground vinyl liner pool package price
  • Any shape or size vinyl inground swimming pool.
  • Permits and excavations.
  • Premium 27 mil designer liner series pattern for top and bottom
  • All electrical work
  • Hard bottom pool
  • 2 Hayward skimmers
  • One set of main drains
  • 4 returns
  • Polaris 280 cleaner with booster pump
  • Fully automated Hayward prologic control panel
  • Pentair color changing light
  • 27 inch Hayward sand filter
  • Hayward 2 speed high efficiency pump
  • Hayward 40k t-Salt cell
  • One set of ladders for deep end exit
  • vinyl or acrylic steps
  • salt for water and sand for filter
  • cleanup and backfills
Complete custom salt water inground vinyl pool package total=$24,500
additional options not included
This package does not include any diving equipment, heaters, slides, benches or fountains. We can however add anything you like to customize your pool at reasonable rates. There is also no water included, you will have to provide it from your residential source, or a water delivery source.
Please also note there will be additional cost for any work in a “water condition” environment. and pricing does not include any fill removals.
We will be glad to quote all patio and landscape work, on an as needed per project basis.